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Sentrien Systems is an innovative software and software services firm with core competencies in ERP/Accounting, Project Management, Inventory Control, and CRM. We take great care to provide our clients with consistent, measurable, scalable, and manageable solutions crafted around their IT and business management needs.

Sentrien has been chosen by international companies such as Five Guys Restaurants, U.S. Government clients such as the U.S. Marine Corps, and hundreds of other Media+Advertising and services businesses – partly because of our ability to bring software, accounting, and networking/technology expertise into one conference room. Our clients consistently point to their meetings with Sentrien as a “Eureka moment”: having now been equipped with the information to make an informed decision.

Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, Sentrien works with some of the fastest growing companies in the Washington DC area, and also the U.S. Government, foreign governments, and international companies. Our simple goal is to have our clients realize their full potential through the collaborative use of information technology.

Sentrien enables commercial, government and non-profit organizations to adopt technology in pursuit of business efficiency and employee productivity. With over 30 years of direct IT experience, we easily understand where the convergence of Financial Reporting, Business Requirements, and End-User motivation intersect, and how these factors can compliment a client’s corporate objectives when deployed correctly.

Software and Industry Domain Experience

We can bring, to one conference table, best in class software, services, cloud, development and infrastructure resources without the prohibitive costs of national consulting and software companies. Sentrien’s teams have done hundreds of CRM, Project Management, Accounting/ERP, and Supply Chain installations. You’ll find yourself working with software professionals that can talk your talk and have walked your walk.

Product Offering Diversity

The selection in today’s software market is the best and most comprehensive in history, but which to choose? Sentrien Systems Inc. are national partners for Microsoft, NetSuite, Intuit, and CorasCloud among others. beholden to one product or software publisher. We can compare and contrast multiple software platforms allowing you to narrow your search and focus on a short list of prospective solutions.

Software Selection

We leave the software at the door and concentrate our initial efforts on understanding your business and how it is run. We have been told by customers and our vendors (Microsoft, NetSuite, and others) that we perform a greater level of discovery/requirements gathering prior to proposal than our competitors. This combination of proven process and commitment equips us with the information to present findings and recommendations that fit your business. Don’t find yourself fitting your business into your application. It bears repeating; the selections available in today’s software market are the best and most flexible in history. Get it right with Sentrien.

Patient and Thorough Approach

Why do they say that companies, like yours, are better off with the wrong software and the right implementation partner than the reverse? Well, at Sentrien you get the best of both. We do however understand that the rush to sign paperwork and begin implementation can be disastrous. Sentrien takes the time to do that deep dive into your requirements that is so vital to ensuring a successful implementation.


Why would this matter? Sentrien, a Virginia corporation, located 15 miles west of Washington DC believes that “distance” engagements carry a different dynamic and consequently require a company with experience in national and international deployments. Sentrien has a robust past performance both in the US and abroad. Our implementations include international companies such as Five Guys Restaurants, Pillar Financial, foreign governments such as Oman and Kuwait and US government clients such as the US State Department and the Marine Corps. Our US government engagements have required our presence as far away as Tunisia.

Customer Commitment

Sentrien is, quite simply, committed to your success and our reputation. Our total commitment extends to your entire staff; our end user communication is equally as important as our mid/senior level manager and ownership communication. Assembling a complete customer picture is part of Sentrien’s proven methodology to ensure success.

Robert Keuroglian

Robert Keuroglian is President and CEO of Sentrien Systems. A graduate of the University of Maryland – School of Business, with a degree in Accounting, Robert holds a professional Certified Public Accountant license in Virginia since April 1990. Robert has twice started successful IT businesses. His first company Micro Management Resources experienced consistent triple digit growth – culminating in him being chosen by Microsoft to divest his company and take on the successful challenge of leading Microsoft’s National Technical Sales team for CRM and Field Service initiatives. Robert returned to Washington, D.C. after 5 years to lead two of Microsoft’s national partners, Grant Thornton and McGladrey, respectively, in their Business Development efforts – before once again picking up the entrepreneurial challenge to start Sentrien in 2009 where Robert has continued his track record of triple digit growth.

Greg Nelson

Lindsey Crumling

At Sentrien, our people are the key to our success.

We are always on the hunt for talented and driven individuals to add to our team. As a growing firm, we offer our employees the opportunity to thrive in an environment where they know their ideas matter.

We are currently looking for candidates in the following fields:

SharePoint Developers

SharePoint Architects

NetSuite Developers

NetSuite Implementation Consultants

Solution Consultants


If you believe you would make a great addition to Sentrien Systems, send a cover letter and resumé to: